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Pensioner group visit to Colmis

This winter season we were grateful to host a visit to our proving ground of a local pensioners group, an initiative that was first introduced in 2019. The elderly ...

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Annual Outdoor Lunch with Customers

Following a tradition that now goes years back, on the Wednesday of week 10 we like to enjoy an outdoor lunch with our customers, who on this occasion were ...

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More than 500 participants in the Driver Training @ Colmis

This sunny and cold morning we already surpassed 500 participants that have taken part in the Mandatory Driver Training at Colmis this 2019/2020 season. Our instructors had the pleasure ...

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Safety first – all Colmis employees also take part in Mandatory Driver Training

A key part of our “safety first” policy is requiring everyone that drives within the proving ground to take part in our Mandatory Driver Training. This naturally includes every ...

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