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More than 500 participants in the Driver Training @ Colmis

This sunny and cold morning we already surpassed 500 participants that have taken part in the Mandatory Driver Training at Colmis this 2019/2020 season. Our instructors had the pleasure of training together with an international group that included engineers from Ferrari, Maserati, Mando Europe and Mando Korea, as well as BorgWarner.

A big thanks to all the team involved in putting together the training, day after day; but more importantly, to all our enthusiastic and committed participants. Your friendly and positive feedback makes it even more encouraging and motivating and is very much appreciated, especially when you let us know it provides you with important takeaways towards overall driving awareness in cold climate conditions. #safetyfirst

The season is far from over but we are already feeling great about it and are looking forward to all the drivers that will still be taking part in the training in the upcoming weeks. Welcome to Colmis Proving Ground!