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Mandatory Driver Training Booking – Now open!

The booking system for the Mandatory Driver Training at Colmis is now open for season 2019-2020. You can access it online here or by simply clicking on the “Driving Training” icon on the www.colmis.com homepage.

Please remember that, as part of our “safety first” policy, anyone that wants to drive within the Colmis facilities is required to take part in the Mandatory Driver Training and that, once you have done so, you will receive a Driving Licence that is valid for 3 seasons.

We therefore strongly advise you to book the trainings as soon as possible so that it fits within your respective testing schedules. Trainings are held throughout the entire winter season, from Mondays to Thursdays, with morning sessions (08:20 to 12:00) and afternoon sessions (13:30 to 17:00) available, at a cost of 2,000 SEK per person (+VAT).

On the other hand, from this season onwards we will require everyone registering at reception to show their Colmis Cold-Climate Driving Licence, so please remember to bring it (and if you are a team leader kindly ask all your staff to bring it with them) when coming to work at the proving ground.

For any questions regarding our ColmisPlus Driving Academy (to receive a username/account to book the training, special requests on additional training dates, lost driving licences, etc.) you can contact Benjamin Minshaw, responsible for coordinating the training, at benjamin@colmis.com.