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HPC chargers in Arvidsjaur and Kiruna for winter testing

TestInfra Sweden AB, of which Colmis is a founding member, has been part of a pilot project this winter season aimed at improving the EV charging infrastructure in the Swedish Lapland automotive testing region: two HPC chargers, one in Arvidsjaur (shown in the picture) and one in Kiruna, have been operating since January 3rd and will be available until the end of the winter testing season (around the last week of March).

The DC-chargers are ABB Terra High Power 350 kW units and provide a current supply of 500 A. Heavy Duty Vehicles from Volvo and Scania have priority access to the chargers, but when they are free other test customers can use them.

With the cooperation of AB Volvo, Scania CV AB and SPGA, the project has been funded together with Region BD and parallel infrastructure research is being provided by University of Technology in Luleå (LTU) and Vattenfall.

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