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ColmisPlus Driving Academy

Safety First

The Driving Academy of ColmisPlus offers basic and customized driving courses to introduce and improve your driving skills in winter conditions. The training is aimed at both amateurs and professionals: no matter how good a driver one is, learning to drive on different ice and snow surfaces constitutes a whole new challenging (but also fun) experience.

As part of its continuous efforts to remain a world-wide leader in safe cold climate testing, Colmis also requires a Mandatory Driving Training for all the industry professionals that use its testing tracks. The course comprises crucial knowledge on vehicle safety and control when driving on ice and snow surfaces and in different conditions and scenarios. After completion, drivers receive a Colmis Cold Climate Driving Licence, which is required for each stay upon registration at the reception of the proving ground.

Apart from basic courses, the academy also offers on-demand customized trainings for clients that require a tailored program, be it for more junior or experienced drivers and engineers.

Early booking is advised and can be made by clicking here.