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Season 2019-2020 Newsflash

Indoor Testing Facilities (all-year-round) – As a result of a collaboration between Colmis and Arctic Falls, we now also offer access to indoor facilities for all-year-round testing to all our customers. More details on the offerings will be displayed on the Colmis website in the next few weeks.

If you are interested in further information or want to book these facilities, please contact us at info@colmis.com.  

ColmisPlus Expansion – We have recently strengthened our team dedicated to ColmisPlus (our division supporting you with engineers, drivers, mechanics and instructors) by hiring Stefan Rundquist, Kenneth Bäcklund, Frédéric Potdevin and Benjamin Minshaw. Whilst Stefan, as a vehicle dynamics specialist, will direct all ColmisPlus operations, Kenneth and Frédéric will mainly work with customers as system & applications engineers. Benjamin, on the other hand, will be responsible for marketing and sales activities.

To book ColmisPlus services, you can contact Benjamin at benjamin@colmis.com.

More workshop space available – For this season we have further workshop space available (an additional 2,400 sqm) for our short-term customers, who are also invited and encouraged to consider becoming a long-term customer, with all the benefits this entails.

To secure you have the right space for your cold-climate testing for 2019-2020 and the upcoming seasons, please contact us at info@colmis.com.