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A record 400 participants in the ColmisPlus Driving Academy

A few days back, during the peak of the cold climate testing season, we reached 400 participants in the driver training this winter. A record since we kicked off the ColmisPlus Driving Academy and also since introducing the mandatory driving training last year. The aim of the academy is to increase not only skills but awareness and hereby overall safety standards, both for testers and the general public. A better understanding of vehicle control benefits everyone involved in the testing industry and the region altogether; we are proud to contribute as much as we can

We thank each one of the hundreds of participants for the lively and friendly interaction during the theory sessions and the enthusiasm in learning as much as possible during the driving sessions; even those that ended up in the snowbank.😊 As we like to say, whatever driving level you have, the most important is to learn and to have fun while learning. We got the impression at least the majority of you did so.

More information on the driving academy is available here and below is a short selection of pictures of some of the latest trainings we have had.