Land tracks


The land tracks can normally be used November throughout March.
Different type of variations and surfaces can be done.

At the moment Colmis has 400 hectares of land available for land tracks.
All tracks are maintained by trained and experienced staff.

  Twisted humps and cobblestone
Length = 80m
Width = 3m
Tracks for noise and vibration, rattle and squeak and suspension tests.
Available November 15th - March 31st.
  Handling track on land
Length = 1600m
Width = 6m
Handling course with packed and scraped snow surface.
Maneuverability tests and tire tests.
Available November 15th - March 31st.
  Circular track on land
Length = 3000m
Width = 7m
iameter = 1000m
Packed and scraped snow surface.
Drive ability tests and constant speed tests.
Available November 15th - March 31st.
  Colmis split-mµ
Length = 180m
Heated asphalt and polished ice areas.
Squares like a chessboard with heated asphalt and polished ice.
Frequently used for brake and ESP-tests.
Available November 15th - March 31st.
  Forest track
Length = 10km
Width = 5m
Altitude difference from lowest to highest point = 110m
A very varied track, hilly and a lot of curves.
Packed snow surface.
Mileage collection.
Durability tests and Maneuverability tests.
Available November 15th - March 31st.
  Hilltrack 10%, 15% and 20%
Length = 20m
Width = 5,5m
Heated asphalt in the middle.
One area with polished ice on each side of the asphalt.
Anti-spin and transmission tests are common on this track.
Available November 15th - March 31st.
  Comfort Assessment
Length = 1000m
Width = 7m
Land track with packed snow surface, bumps and narrow curves.
Suspension, noise, vibration, rattle and squeak test.
Available November 15th - March 31st.
  Snow Chain Section
Length = 600m
Width = 6m
Hilly track with hairpin bends and deep snow.
AWD tests and snow chain tests.
Available November 15th - March 31st.
  Off-Road Area
Length = 900m
Offroad area is a very varied track for different
 rattle, squeak and suspension tests.
The scale bridge is only to be used under Colmis
personnel supervision.


Available only by booking, or by ColmisPlus.


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